My wonderful dedicated secretary has been with me for many years now, but owing to family commitments, she has always had to leave at 4pm everyday. This left my practice with a lacunae of around two hours at the end of each day which needed to be filled. This has now been performed admirably and my workload is much reduced. My diary is full and patients can always get through to my office.

Some years ago, we had great difficulty finding someone to fill the part-time role of secretary within our practice. After recruiting someone who we felt would be of a suitable calibre we would then find that they either left or went on long-term sick leave. Furthermore, they were constantly having their work interrupted by phone calls, which continued to come in at all times of day. We then had this service recommended to us and the issues of continuity of cover and patient contact that we were previously faced with were solved.

I have just come from visiting a very old loyal client of mine who has asked me to convey her compliments to Linda who took her phone call this week on my behalf. My patient commented on how helpful and professional she was and what a warm telephone manner she had.

They has helped my company grow tremendously. They provide a friendly service, and are always prompt at answering calls and responding to my clients’ needs. By helping my clients, my workload as a company director is significantly reduced and I am able to focus on other aspects of my work. I would highly recommend them, as they are professional, reliable and a pleasure to work with. Thank you.